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Today Zoey is learning about book summaries and previews. She received several box sets of Candlewick Press’ Brand New Reader series for Christmas. Pictured is Zoey with all the books she read to me this morning. One of the things I like about this series is the simple previews and summaries they provide. I am teaching Zoey that the preview on the back of the book tells us a question for which we can expect to find the answer when we read the story. I had her summarize some of the stories in her own thoughts after she read them, before reading the one printed in the book. I had her use the same formula as they did: “This story is called _______. It’s about ________________.” I explained to her how her summary for Worm Builds was even more concise than the book’s summary, because she had used “his friends” instead of listing their names. She really enjoyed this activity! #homeschoolingrocks via Instagram

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