Homeschooling Update: March 2, 2015

It’s been a slightly abnormal day, what with the fact that the girls woke up early, I spent a substantial amount of time researching and corresponding with fellow moms about Abigail’s horrible diaper rash, Zoey fell asleep during her rest time, Daddy was away from home for both dinner and bedtime, and I gave the girls baths tonight, and separately, instead of a shared bath tomorrow morning. However, Zoey and I were still able to fit in some creative/learning activities! Actually, now that I’ve typed up the list, it’s a pretty good amount!

I read two short chapters of Charlotte’s Web to her this morning while letting my hair shampoo set. Two points for multi-tasking! I started reading the book aloud to the girls on Saturday and they are both enjoying it! It is our first chapter book. Zoey is always having me turn back and show her her favorite pictures, and making sure I show her when the next picture comes. Today was the first day she  asked me to “start at the beginning again.” But then I remind her of the little cliffhanger at the end of the previous chapter or the suggestive title of the upcoming chapter, and she agrees that yes, we should find out what happens next! The other days I’ve had time to read more of the book (and more books in general) to the girls, but not today.

We did our usual “morning time” of marking the current day on her calendar and X-ing out the previous day, changing the cards for the day of the week and month, reciting today’s date, setting her little Learning Resources analog clock according to the digital time on my phone, moving the clothespin on our paper plate weather wheel if need be, and answering some catechism questions from GCP’s First Catechism booklet. That might sound like a lot but it all the calendar activities and the clock and weather don’t actually take very long. Today I started having her write out the date as well, after she took the initiative to do it all on her own yesterday after we did the calendar (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it!) We also made another X on the little birthday countdown sheet I drew up yesterday. Only 8 days till my little girls turns 4!

Then we made collages out of clippings from my last MOPS magazine edition. I always like the font and photographs they use, and there are some great inspirational quotes. While I was cutting and arranging my collage, Zoey cut and pasted her favorite pictures all by herself to a sheet of nice pink cardstock I gave her (the lighting was obviously bad when I took the photos). When she was done she held it up and said, “Look! I did it on both sides. When you’re done looking at this side then you can turn it over and look at the other side!”



I ended up spending most of our post-lunch time talking with moms on my computer about Abigail’s diaper rash, and I could tell Zoey was feeling a little neglected (usually this is the first substantial chunk of time I get to spend with both the girls since Abigail is up from her first nap and we all each lunch together). So when the rest time alarm went off and I gave Abigail her 2nd nap, I let Zoey stay downstairs with me for another half hour to do whatever she wanted with me. I’d printed out some worksheets for her the other day to look at and today she was interested in the American flag page. So we looked out the window across the street at our neighbor’s flag to determine how to color in the sheet. We counted the stripes and I told her how many stars their were and explained why, and I read the facts to her at the bottom of the page. She said “The American Flag” was her favorite name and I told her I liked “Old Glory.” Then we took turns with the red and blue pencils coloring in the flag. (She likes to take turns with me!) She did really well coloring in the lines, even around the stars!


After signing our work, I had her come over to her desk to give her a tip on making a more accurate A (the tip was to start with a more slanted line, rather than a straight line, so that the A isn’t so skinny). Then she wanted to write the entire alphabet together, taking turns every other letter, though she ended up doing a few in a row whens he felt extra confident about writing them. She wrote her name at the top and had me write my name. Evidently I needed to write all of my names! Then she wrote a superb letter A and we started the alphabet. I drew dots under all the letters she wrote. She had me write out the verse at the end of the song, except I suggested she write the last word herself.

The rest of the day consisted of her falling asleep during rest time (which allowed me to continue research and correspondence for Abigail’s rash longer than I probably would have otherwise), me waking her and allowing her to watch Curious George episodes to keep her from falling asleep and to let me get in even more research and correspondence, and the three of us eating a super easy dinner of Annie’s Shells & Cheese and chicken sausage before giving Abigail an oatmeal bath, Zoey her own bath to wash off all the marker she’d gotten on her skin before she fell asleep, and putting them to bed.

I guess it’s been a pretty productive day, though somewhat unusual with all the computer work I did while the girls weren’t resting. It makes my heart so glad to see how much Zoey enjoys and is eager to learn! Tomorrow we will hopefully get in much more reading, Zoey is having one of her best friends over after rest time, and I get to drink that nasty orange cocktail at my prenatal check-up. Next Tuesday starts the third trimester! Three more months until our homeschooling routine could totally change…but maybe not! 😉


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