I’m a Proud Mama of a 3.5 Year Old!

Feelin’ like a proud mama today as I listen to Zoey play in her room, so I’m just going brag on my girl on a handful of points 🙂

She spends roughly 2 hours independently in her room every day, usually without complaining and she puts her toys away before coming back downstairs. She often will not even play with all of her toys, leaning rather towards imaginative play. She is talking (or singing) the entire time, often to friends of hers who she pretends are with her (today I heard her addressing Abigail, Gwen, and Sahari). Lately she’s been singing songs while “playing” them on her little piano (thanks for that, GG Zoe!) . I think she is trying to sound the notes out on the piano, and if not that then she is at least matching the rhythm to the song while going up and down the keyboard.

I am so proud of her for last night, when she played first for Full Throttle Cafe’s open mic night. She boldy strummed her ukelele while singing her favorite song Rock of Ages by Dustin Kensrue, a “revamped” version of the classic hymn. You can find the video (and pics) on my Timeline. Zack and I were pleasantly surprised that she actually followed through with her intentions of performing! Though in general she is very outgoing, she can at times be bashful (or even coy), so we weren’t sure what to expect!

We have been teaching Zoey reformed.org’s Catechism for Young Children. She is learning what and who God is and loves answering the questions or having Zack and me ask them to each other. She also passionately loves Sunday School (and her SS instructor) and looks forward to it every week. Tonight she’ll be starting Pioneer Club at church and I expect that she’ll really enjoy it!

She knows and can identify all the letters of the alphabet, almost all the standard shapes (including diamond and octagon), can count to 20, can identify numbers 1-10, and is very into exclamation points right now. She is very interested in reading, writing, spelling, and typing, and can already write “Zoey,” “Mommy,” and “Hi.” She can read/identify a handful of words, including (but not limited to) the three just mentioned, “Daddy,” Alice,” “baby, and “cup.” Every Sunday she picks her name tag out of all the other church members’ name tags.

Zoey is very independent and will take the initiative on starting painting projects and other art activities. She empties the silverware from the dishwasher and completes other tasks of that nature. She is a helpful, caring, and responsible big sister and Abigail just adores her!

It has been a long journey but, but as of about two weeks ago Zoey has FINALLY completed potty training and does not have any accidents (number one or number two)!

I know many reading this may have heard some of these “accomplishments,” as I report on them often, but again I just wanted to express how proud I am of my little girl, who in fact will turn exactly 3.5 years old this Wednesday!