A Day In The Life

Lately I have been reading a lot of homeschool blogs to prepare for homeschooling Zoey in a year or two. I have already somewhat started with her, but I would consider it merely Pre-K or (even Pre-Pre-K) material. She will be 3 next month so there’s certainly no rush.

So anyways, I have been reading a lot of blogs and one of my favorites, Simple Homeschool, conducted their “A Day in the Life Series” yesterday. Basically, blog readers are invited to share their own day in the life of a homeschool family, as have done all the contributors of the blog. I have found these logs very helpful in deciding just how the heck I’m supposed to start homeschooling! I decided just for fun to record one of our days, so I can look back on it in a year or two and so I can see where my and Zoey’s strengths and weaknesses lie. It’s not necessarily a “typical” homeschool day, since it’s a Saturday and that means Zack is home. But really a Saturday spent at home is not much different than a week day when it comes to Zoey’s activities. I won’t be including much of Abigail’s schedule because today she decided to be persnickety, and while a persnickety 2-month-old might sound redundant, she is for the most part an easy baby (I am so blessed to have been given two easy babies!).

So here goes our day.

8:00 AM — I wake up to a sleeping Abigail (score!). Zack also wakes and heads to the shower.

Yesterday I discovered Hello Mornings, which is a challenge to maximize  your mornings by providing  community & accountability for waking up early to spend time with God and get in some exercise. I am not an exerciser (don’t let that track & field varsity letter I have stashed way fool you) and I have not been particularly regular in my Bible-reading and quiet time with God lately. So I’m thinking of “registering” for their 6-week Winter Challenge, which includes a free Bible Study on the book of Ruth. All that is to say that today I started my trial-run of waking up early (8:00 is early for me) for exercise and Bible study. And by exercise I mean a complete a 10-20 minute workout using this free app I found. My goal is simply to get moving at the start of my day and build my core over time to get rid of this lovely baby pouch I’ve been sporting even though I’m just about back to my post-pregnancy weight, so hopefully the app will do the trick.

8:15 — 10 minute full body workout. The app created a routine by selecting at random 4 each of the ab, arm, cardio, butt, and leg exercises available. I almost died doing 10 pushups and I don’t have any weights, so I think I’ll just stick to cardio and ab building in the future. Sometime during my workout Zoey and Abigail have awoken. Zoey is whining (though I often do not hear her until 9 and she is usually laughing and playing) and Abigail is lying happily in our bed with Zack.

8:35 – 9:00 — I take a 7-minute shower and get dressed. Meanwhile Zack gets Zoey dressed and eats breakfast with her. I never do get to my devotional 😦

9:02 – 9:11 — I nurse a crying baby. Hubby leaves for the gym. Zoey watches out the window.

Zoey watching "the blue car."

Zoey watching “the blue car.”

9:12 — I join Zoey for breakfast. Today it’s cereal with berries and bananas. I decided to get out the Bumbo chair for Abigail to try out. She likes it!

A favorite of Zoey's.

A favorite of Zoey’s.

Sweet sisters.

Sweet sisters.

Abby watching her big sister.

Abby watching her big sister.

9:27 I check online to make sure Abigail is actually old enough for the Bumbo chair, which she is. (She has excellent head control!)

9:35 – 9:42 — I check my Facebook and open an article someone has posted to read later (I call that discipline!). Meanwhile Zoey adds even more honey to her cereal…


9:43 – 10:15 — After finally finishing her breakfast, Zoey plays with play dough (her new favorite thing) and craft sticks, and then her Raggedy Ann doll. I clean up the dishes from yesterday.

"Look, Mommy!"

“Look, Mommy!”

Her beautiful creation

Her beautiful creation

10:16 – 10: 46 — I give Zoey my undivided attention and we play baby doctor with her dolls (her latest obsession). (We call the pediatrician the baby doctor.) Abigail sits happily in her bouncy chair!

Miles of smiles!

Miles of smiles!

Happy girl!

Happy girl!

You lookin' at me?

You lookin’ at me?

Weighing Raggedy Ann.

Weighing Raggedy Ann.

Measuring Raggedy Ann. She is 19 inches. Zoey says, "Nine" but I remind her that the 1 in front means nineTEEN and exclaims, "Like the 10!" She is making good connections in her brain!

Measuring Raggedy Ann. She is 19 inches. Zoey says, “Nine,” but I remind her that the one in front means nineTEEN and she exclaims, “Like the 10!” She is making good connections in her brain!

Taking Raggedy Ann's blood pressure. Apparently, t's 5/4 ;)

Taking Raggedy Ann’s blood pressure. Apparently, t’s 5/4 😉

Giving Raggedy Ann a shot.

Giving Raggedy Ann a shot.

Taking Raggedy Ann's temperature. "It's 5. Like Abigail's."

Taking Raggedy Ann’s temperature. “It’s 5. Like Abigail’s.”

Baby Wah Wah also goes through the same process. She is not very happy when it comes time to get her boogies out...

Baby Wah Wah also goes through the same process. She is not very happy when it comes time to get her boogies out…

"See the boogies?!"

“See the boogies?!”

10:15 — I remember we need to take our vitamins.

The next hour is a combination of me attempting to do things (e.g. fold a load of laundry, putt Abigail down for a nap) but failing, and by the time Zack returns home I am in the very same spot, doing the very same thing as when he left me (nursing the baby). So it goes. While Abigail is nursing, Zoey demands that Zack play baby doctor with her while he tries to complete his ACME Monopoly sweepstakes booklet.

11:15 — I retry putting Abigail down for a nap (the second failed attempt…). While I am rocking her Zack comes up and hands me a piece of toast (random, but sweet!) and then Zoey bounds into the room with a piece of string exclaiming, “Look what I did!” I’m not sure what exactly she did besides steal a yarn ball from my craft closet and unroll it. Hubby goes off to shave and, due to a diaper emergency, I have to quickly gather a load of laundry to wash, during which Abigail is lying on the living room floor (a result of the bouncy chair being out of order, which was a result  of the diaper emergency) and Zoey plays baby doctor with her and then finds a leftover smoothie in the fridge (I can’t leave her alone for two seconds!).

11:50 — I hand Abigail off to Zack so I can prepare lunch while Zoey plays with toys.

Abigail reading with Daddy.

Abigail reading with Daddy.

"It's a hat!"

“It’s a hat!”

Zoey plays guitar with recording headphones on.

Zoey plays guitar with recording headphones on.

12:10 PM — I put Abigail down for a nap and we eat our egg and cheese sandwiches on Jewish rye bread (tasty!).

Lunch is served!

Lunch is served!

5 minutes later — Abigail is crying so I go up to rock her back to sleep.

12:30 — I emerge from the bedroom to find that Zoey has eaten the egg out of her sandwich but not the bread. I take one of the slices and we count to three (or seven or 20) before each taking a bite, until we’ve both finished our slices.

12:42 — Zoey finally is finished with lunch.

12:45 – 1:02 — Zack and I both give Zoey undivided attention while playing with Scrabble letters (her pick) and listening to Relevant magazine’s playlist of “9 love songs that aren’t cheesy.” We are delighted they’ve included Jon Foreman’s “In My Arms” and Dustin Kensrue’s “Pistol.” Zoey begins the letter activity by finding all the E tiles and putting them on the “couches.” We then alphabetize the tiles by lining them up in a long row using all four “couches.” We finish just in time for Abigail to awake from her mere 30 minute nap (like I said, she was being finicky all day!).

Zoey's collection.

Zoey’s collection.

Aren't we so cool?

Aren’t we so cool?

1:15 — We all go up to Zoey’s room to read books while I nurse Abigail.

1:45 — The quiet time alarm goes off. Quiet time is from 1:45 – 4:00, during which Zoey is alone in her room, either playing with her doll house, reading books, or, every once in a blue moon (and I mean, the moon has to be really blue), napping. Rarely is she actually quiet! I use this time to check social media, upload and edit iPhone pics on the computer, read, or/and occasionally nap.

2:00 — Zoey yells from her room, “Mommy, I went pee pee!” This happens about the same time everyday. After having to plan to go up to Zoey’s room 30 minutes after her quiet time began to check her diaper, I finally starting putting her in undies and leaving her potty in her room next to the wipes and her little trashcan. After a few days of pants-wetting she finally got it! I go up to her with fruit snacks (her potty reward) and hand sanitizer and I dump her potty and return it to her room. I then come down to start writing this blog post while Zack plays guitar and Abigail watches with wide eyes.

2: 45 — Zoey yells from her room, “Mommy I went poopy!” Unfortunately this time it is not in her potty, but in her undies. This also is a daily occurrence. Why she will pee but not poop in her potty is beyond me, especially since she used to go poopy on the potty all the time. At least having her in undies saves us the use and cost of two disposable diapers and we can just throw the undies in with Abigail’s cloth diapers. So quiet time gets interrupted by a trip to the bathroom  to change her underwear, conducted by Daddy so that I can keep working on the blog post.

3:04 — Zack leaves for the music store and I continue writing. Abigail drifts in and out of sleep in the bouncy seat (the cover is now washed, dried, and replaced). By now she is really due for a solid nap in her bed, but at least she is not fussing and has been taking little power naps through the morning. (Yesterday she took a nice long nap in the morning and then only power naps through the afternoon, so I guess today will be flip flopped. Of course the day before she took several “real” naps, ranging from 42 minutes to 2 hours and 46 minutes, but she is a baby so shame on me for expecting her to be consistent!)

3:55 — I look outside and it’s snowing!

4:05 — It’s after 4 (the end of quiet time), but I want to finish this portion of the blog post (i.e. add pictures!) and Zoey is playing happily by herself so I continue with the post.

4:27 — Zack returns home from his outing  and I retrieve Zoey from her room and then nurse Abigail. Meanwhile, Zoey is going through the game chest, which I had left open after getting out the Scrabble tiles. She keeps asking me, “What do I do with it, Mommy?” in reference to the cribbage board. Also, she has pooped in her undies AGAIN so Zack deals with that and Abby falls asleep on my lap after nursing so I take her to her bed.

5:00 — I set the timer for a 10 minute clean up with the promise to Zoey that afterwards I will show play with the cribbage board with her. However, we don’t get very far into the clean up before Abigail wakes up. I cannot for the life of me find her pacifier, though earlier that day I’d just had both of them in the same room. I run around looking for a binky and resort to using the emergency pacifier (not her favorite brand) when I don’t find one. After giving Abigail the back up binky I return downstairs to fulfill my promise to Zoey before I have to start getting things together for us to leave for church. We are going to a Valentine’s married couples pot luck dinner at 6:30, during which Zoey will be in the nursery so she won’t be getting any more playtime with me today after this.

5:19 – 5:27 — I make up a game with the cribbage board and pegs by saying, “Red, five” or “Blue, four,” and Zoey has to move the correct color peg the correct number of spaces. We don’t get to play very long because I remember I need to feed Zoey something before the dinner, which reminds me that I need to prepare the salad we’re bringing to contribute.

5:33 — Abigail wakes and Zack retrieves her so I can finish getting things together.

5:45 — I am done preparing the salad and Zoey’s dinner consisting of yogurt, a slice of cheese cut into squares and triangles (she loves shapes!), a slice of ham, and an oatmeal bar. She usually has something like this for lunch, with cucumber slices for circles or cut into half circles. Although I was slicing cucumbers for the salad, I forgot to give her some.  While Zack holds Abigail and Zoey eats her dinner, I run around packing the diaper bag, preparing the cloth wipes, and getting dressed.

6:07 — Hallelujah, I’ve found the pacifier! Zack gets Zoey in a diaper for the outing and I get Abigail bundled up in her car seat.

6:28 — We arrive at church two minutes early and enjoy a great evening of food, fellowship, and games with our church family. And Abigail finally gets the solid nap she’s been needing all day 🙂

9:10ish — Zack drops me and the girls off after church and then leaves to spend time with his two brothers before the one moves to California. Abigail is still sleeping soundly, which allows me some one-on-one time with Zoey during her bedtime routine. Zoey allows me to brush her teeth, change her diaper, and dress her in her pajamas without a fuss. She’d gone poop for a third time while in the nursery. Wow. After I’ve tucked her in and am leaving she says she has to pee so I let her use the potty and then she hops right back into bed and I tuck her in again.

9:25 — I leave Zoey’s room and she does not cry or whine for me to stay. Success!

9:44 — I finish writing this post while Abigail continues her nap. I hope I get some sleep tonight so I can get up early again tomorrow!

[So I feel like we didn’t actually do as much “homeschooling” as we usually do. Yesterday would have been a better day to record, since we did a lot more “school-like” activities. Just to give you an idea, we colored Valentine’s cards (fine motor skills), we watch a 1 and a half minute Youtube video on the origin of Valentine’s day (history), we did some of this Valentine’s Pre-K Pack  (puzzles and sequencing), and Zoey had shapes lunch (geometry). I think we did more stuff but I can’t remember! Anyways, for the most part I just try to incorporate learning into everything we do, from counting the stairs as we go up, to pointing out shapes and colors. I’m not really pushing for any sort of curriculum this early and Zoey mostly has free range to play how she pleases, which happens to include lots of puzzles and such!]

Thanks for reading my Day In The Life!


Beads & Color Sorting


This morning we played with beads. First we did apple tree color sorting. Zoey would pick a bead from the bowl, tell me the color, and then put it on the correct tree.


I would have her say the color either loudly, quietly, in a funny voice, like Mr. Bear, or like a baby. She really liked that. Before this she had never enjoyed a color sorting activity enough to finish the whole thing! Then she made necklaces, putting the beads on the matching colored string. There was one for each of us 🙂



Zoey Tries to Write Mommy

Zoey sand wrote her name tried to sand write my name all by herself!


She called me over saying, “Look! I wrote your name Mommy!” She said the letters were W-M-O-M. I was showing her the other day how M is W upside-down so that’s probably why she had the W in there.


She also formed a Z out of carrot sticks! An improvement from when she tried to form a Z with pencils back in January.