Letter Writing Station


Today we set up a letter writing station at the dining room table, inspired by a post by The Measured Mom. Zoey made the letter Z in five different ways: in shaving cream, in sand, with stickers, with pencils, and on paper with crayon. Her favorites were the sand and the shaving cream!


 IMG_4067   IMG_4058

With some help from me (i.e. rearranging a few of the stars after she’d placed them), Zoey formed a Z with the stickers I set out for her.


I constructed a Z with three Sharpies to demonstrate what she was to do with the pencils. I could tell she understood the concept, but hers formed three sized of a square instead of a Z. I rearranged the middle pencil for her to make the Z. She didn’t want to try making it again herself.
IMG_4060   IMG_4061

Zoey had the most difficulty writing Z with a crayon. I had three worksheets for her to do but she only wanted do the first two. She needed demonstration for both but then she understood. She needs to work on not curving the bottom corner of her Z so that it doesn’t look like a backwards S.  

IMG_4063   IMG_4064

After she going through the letter-writing station once, Zoey continued to make letters and pictures in the sand and the shaving cream.